The Campaign

The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) is launching a campaign to support the community of al Mufaqarah in its legitimate struggle to keep living in its land through the construction of brick houses in order to stress the permanent character of their presence in the area and opposed Israeli policies of displacement.

The local community is struggling against the daily harassments by settlers and soldiers. The 15 families of Al Mufaqarah are committed to defend their village and build 15 brick houses to legitimize their existence on their land endangered by illegal settlements.

The campaign aims to support this local community by sharing their stories and disseminating the action to regain Palestinian rights to live and build in the Area C.

The PSCC will also provide legal support and a long term monitoring of the situation. The purpose is to repeat the successful story of al-Tuwani, a 300 resident’s village that faced the same situation but that is now recognized by the Israeli Occupation Authority, and to create a precedent for the communities of the firing zone.

Defying the pending demolition orders and the prohibition to build is a way to stress the legitimate right of the South Hebron Hills residents to remain steadfast on their land.

The PSCC calls for Palestinian, Israeli and International activists to support the campaign that, through non violent actions and legal strategies and support, aims at the construction of permanent houses in Area C.


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