Be involved

The PSCC calls for Palestinian, Israeli and international activists to support the campaign that, through non violent actions and legal strategies and support, aims at the construction of permanent houses in the Area C.

They are different ways to support the Local Community of Al Mufaqarah:

Every Saturday, join us to build a new house in Al Mufaqarah!
We need to ensure a network of volunteers: engineers, workers, architects, lawyers…
As Al Mufaqarah village is isolated and badly served, we need to organize car-pooling to make sure everyone can come to join the action… So if you have a car, please let us know!
Please, follow up our next action on facebook:

This campaign comes from the Local Community of Al Mufaqarah supported by the PSCC and activists. We don’t receive any financial support from any organization.
Each house has an estimate cost of 5600 nis (1500$ / 1150€). We need donation from individuals and companies to achieve the project.
You can donate online via our website:
You can make the payment directly into our bank account. Please email us to ask for our bank details.
You can also donate materials, equipments or tools to build the houses: ciments, bricks, iron, windows…

We need your support to lobby and advocate for this campaign !
Spread the word on the social Media platforms, in the Press…

For more information, please email us :


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