The Popular Struggle Committee and the communities of Masafer Yatta invite you to the 6th Annual Festival of Non-Violence Resistance to celebrate the perseverance and courageous spirit of the inhabitants of the Firing Zone 918.

The festival will include:
– Speeches by the leaders of the local communities;
– Dabke dancing (a traditional Palestinian dance) performed by a troupe from At-Tuwani;
– Concert of traditional Palestinian music;
– Clowns’ entertainment;
– Skits performed by the children who attended previous summer camps;
– Lunch…

The festival aim to raise awareness and stressed the rights of the communities of the Masafer Yatta district, and specifically of the Firing Zone 918, to remain on their land.

The Firing Zone 918 (7.500 acre) was proclaimed during the ’70, but any enforcement action had been taken since the end of ’90. Twelve communities live in caves and tents, without electricity and running water, in a constant situation of uncertainty. Authorizations to build are systematically denied and most of the structures of the villages have pendent demolition orders, despite the existence of official documents proving the inhabitants property of the land.

We invite you to participate in the event, as well as to spread the word.
Transportation from Ramallah and from Hebron is available. Space is limited and advance registration is essential.
Please email: or call 059 53 90 847 by noon on Friday 28th June.

5th Annual Festival of Non-Violence Resistance of the South Hebron Hills

5th Annual Festival of Non-Violence Resistance of the South Hebron Hills