In the day of Rachel Corrie’s verdict, a solidarity action calling for justice was held in Mufaqarah to protest against the expected judgment on the Ism activist’s death. The demonstration was also organized to oppose the possible evacuation of eight villages in the so proclaimed Firing Zone 918 and the Israeli policy of demolition and eviction in the whole area.

These demolitions are carried out with the same weapon that killed the American activist and continues to destroy the lives of thousands of Palestinians.

The march was organized by the Popular Resistance Committee of South Hebron Hills and supported by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee. It was attended by a hundred of people who gathered in Mufaqarah and then marched towards the illegal outpost of Avigayil.

The participants moved forward showing pictures of the young American activist killed on 16th march 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer while protesting a house demolition in Gaza.

As the demonstrators get to the area surrounding the outpost singing and chanting slogans, the Idf and the Israeli police tried to prevent them from reaching the colony. Pictures of Rachel Corrie were hanged on all around the area. After some speeches and a short confrontation between an armed settler and some of the activists, the demonstration ended peacefully and the participants went back to the village of Mufaqarah.

At the same time, 150 km far away, the judge ruled that Corrie’s death was an accident which the Idf cannot be considered responsible for. Once again Israeli crimes goes unpunished and justice is denied.

On the same day, early in the morning, the bulldozers went back to work in the South Hebron Hills and demolished several structures -four wells, four houses (two were caves) and six animal shelters- in Khirbet Zanuta and three tents in the village of Susiya, leaving homeless several families.