Bad news are never long in coming. The three stop working orders delivered on the 10th of July and expired the 21st of the same month have been followed by demolition orders that the Dco and the army have given to the community this afternoon. The structures targeted by the orders are the first house built by the community with the help of Israelis and International activists during al Mufaqarah R-exist campaign and now home for a family of eleven persons and two tents. The tents served as meeting place for the community as well as a place to welcome international delegations. These tents also hosted the summer camp which took place in the village from the 1st to the 14th of July with children coming from all the area.

According to the orders, the owners have three day time in order to demolish the structures themselves, otherwise the Israeli authorities will have the right to do it.

The lawyer has immediately received all the documentation needed to appeal the decision.

In spite of all the policies applied by the Israeli authority, which encounter demolitions, enclosures and other abuses and the violence of the settlers, al Mufaqarah people keep on resisting.