This morning the community of al Mufaqarah received three stop working orders that will expire the 21st  of June, one for a new house where a family of eleven people lives, and two for  tents.

In the last few days the occupying forces focused their attention on the community.

On Friday 8th of June, in the afternoon, the army stopped a tractor carrying the materials needed for the construction of the houses. It  kept monitoring the whole area all the day long. In the evening, the Israeli forces put checkpoints along the way between the villages of  Tuwani and  Karmel  and in the evening they prevented other two tractors to reach al Mufaqarah. The first one was sent back, while the second one, who refused to turn the tractor, was stopped for a long time and risked to be arrested. Only the intervention of a group of  women from the village of Tuwani prevented his arrest and enabled the reopening of the road.

During the night the army kept on patrolling the area.

Yesterday morning, a large flock apparently coming from one of the surrounding settlements was found near Mufaqarah, causing a concentration of patrols nearby the village.

After few hours, as soon as the community installed a tent and some work was started nearby the mosque, still under construction after last November’s demolition, the army, the border police and the Dco returned to Mufaqarah. They created a security cordon to prevent people from getting into the mosque and they identified the leader of the local community.

Around 2 pm all of them left the village, but their intervention blocked the construction of a third house, for which many international and Israeli volunteers had reached the village.