On 26th of May around fifty Israeli and international activists gathered in al Mufaqarah to help the Local Community building the second house. They spent the whole day together helping the villagers to prepare the concrete, to carry the bricks and to finalize the first house. They worked side by side with a strong sense of solidarity and their presence was crucial for the community to feel supported in their struggle to resist.

On that very day, the first family moved from a cave to the first house. Fadil Hamandeh, his two wives and their nine children transferred part of their belongings in the new building. All of them will finally have the chance to see the sunlight coming in through their windows.

The army kept on observing the village from the surroundings hills, but did not visit al Mufaqarah.

On Saturday 2d of June, the around forty volunteers who reached the site worked on the completion of the second house, preparing and carrying concrete. The villagers also prepared the soil for the third house that will be built next Saturday.
Once again the army observed the location for few hours, but did not intervene.
The next action will take place on the 9th of June with the construction of the third house.

Al Mufaqarah community needs your support! Check out the Be involved page to know how to participate in next Saturday action and sustain this community’s attempt to resist Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing.

More photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/al.mufaqarah/2dSaturdayActionDay